English Spankers Porn – Masie Dee and Mr. Stern

Last updated: June 7th, 2017

This is probably one of the most incredible English spankers porn updates ever! Masie Dee is not just a regular maid she is somewhat of a flirt but when she attempts to twist Mr. Stern round her finger she has an actual problem. His only curiosity about her is spanking and beating her wonderful bottom and that is just what likes to do. If you fancy watching some hardcore strap-on porn better check out straponxxx.org and have fun!


He is taking advantage of her sexy mood that she is in and the sexy outfits to spank and paddle her in several very exciting positions but still controlling to give that butt the best ever whacking ever. You are going to adore the way she is bending over, waiting to be taken care of, by Mr Stern, just the way he likes it and just the way she was waiting for, cause she just adore to get this treatment. Have fun watching how this gorgeous babe will be treated and how much is she going to like it!

You will also see that it’s not that he is the one and only who gets the entire pleasure, in fact she loves it more than he does. You are going to have some amazing surprises as well but I don’t want to tell you anything else, I will let you discover them on your own! Stay here to watch the whole scene and see you the next time with more sexy scenes that will fire you up and make you want some more! Enjoy!

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English Spankers – Bow Jangles

Check out the latest spankers video update, where you will get to see how slutty Bow is going to be caught stealing from her aunt. Her uncle decides to show her that there are some strict rules and is she wants to live into that house any longer, she should definitely do something about it and correct her attitude. Cause they are home alone, he decides to show her in some other way what she should behave so here she is, down on her knees, with her panties off, ready to be spanked by this guy. Instead of being sad or something, she really likes it, even though she will be all pinkish on her butt cheeks.

She likes it so much in fact that you will see a trickle of cum coming out of her pussy hole. Stay tuned to see what else is she going to receive from him, now that they both started to have this kind of fun. You are going to adore watching Bow getting bare skinned and spanked on her butt cheeks. You will also see some other things that will surprises you but I don’t want to be a spoiler, you have to see it for yourself, cause it’s way more exciting that way! Visit skinnyfans.org to watch lots of skinny naked models! Enjoy, guys and see you the next time with more awesome scenes!


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Pandora Blake and Leai Anne

Pandora Blake and Leai Anne are going to impress you with their pink butt cheeks, into the latest video update. These two babes were truly naughty lately so they had to be taken care of, to see that they have to behave from now on. You are going to have a great time watching this impressive video update, that will be just the way you wanted to see. You are going to see how these two will be put down on their knees and their sexy uniform skirts will be taken off, their panties will be removed and their rounded butt cheeks will receive some amazing lessons.

pandora-blake-and-leai-anneYou will see that, in fact, they adore being spanked so even though they will moan, it will be because that this spanking is turning them on in fact. Stay tuned to see what other things are they going to receive, now that they got naked like that and see their reaction. I bet that there are more impressive scenes in this update but you have to be patient and watch the whole movie until the end, to discover the other things. Also check out these gorgeous smoking models and let them tease you! Enjoy each and every single scene! Oh my, their rounded butt cheeks are turning so pink! Yummy!

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English Spankers – Sophie

The newest English spankers is going to turn you on right away. Sophie, this gorgeous babe, is going to impress you a lot. She looks amazing wearing that tutu and she will make her boyfriend super horny but also mad, because he doesn’t like her to go out dressed up so sexy. He hates it when the other guys are looking at her so he will have to do something about it, to make her show some respect. He will bend her over his knees and he will remove her panties, applying her some rough spankings.

This way, maybe she will remember to be sexy just for him and never ever go out wearing such short skirts. She is going to have her bottom all pink because he is going to spank her on and on , until he won’t be able to do it any longer. Have a great time watching how is she going to be treated by her guy and see how naughty is she going to get later on, after receiving such interesting treatment. Check out real doll sex  videos for more fun! The whole point is that she likes it when she is being spanked so she will enjoy each and every single second of this amazing treatment.


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Sexy Redhead Molly Malone

A new day, a brand new video update, just the way you expected to find here. For our today’s post, you will get to see how this incredibly hot redhead, Molly Malone will have her ass roughly spanked by her teacher. He is going to grab a hockey stick and he will offer her a rough treatment, turning her ass cheeks from milky white to pink or even red. She is going to stay bended over that desk, right into the classroom, and she will patiently wait to be spanked by her teacher who is getting super hard on while he is treating her that way.

You are going to love the way he is having an erection while he is spanking her with that stick. You could see it with your bare eyes how his cock is getting from big to the biggest in such a short while. You will be just like that, trust me, and even Molly cause when she is going to check out her pussy, she will noticed that it’s all super wet, because this treatment made her be super horny. Stay tuned to see what else going to happen there and how is she going to be treated later on! For similar videos check out http://layerednylons.org/ website and have a great time inside! See you soon!


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English Spankers – Lola Marie

Lola Marie is coming back to show you what she is going to receive because she was so bad and naughty. This gorgeous ebony babe was a real pain in the ass lately so her boyfriend decided to show him that he is the one who is making the rules in this house. He got her down on her knees and he started to spank her hard with a leather paddle. She really needed this treatment so she didn’t said anything about it, she didn’t complain and how could she, cause on fact she adores to have those rounded chocolate butt cheeks roughly spanked by this leather paddle.

You should take a seat, relax and enjoy watching this impressive video update. It’s so amazing and it will turn you on so bad that you will have to do something about it. Have an awesome time next to Lola and see how her firm fine ass will be spanked on and on, until she will admit that he is the boss and she will do everything that he wants her too. Enjoy the whole movie and everything that happens right next! Don’t forget that you can find similar videos inside fart fantasy website, so check it out and have fun!


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Kiki London Spanked

Kiki London is coming back to the spankers parlor to show you how her butt cheeks are going to be spanked hard and heavy by her new boyfriend. He adores to spank her all day everyday so as soon as she got into the house, he grabbed her clothes and removed them, bend her over and he started to spank those rounded butt cheeks that were waiting for this treatment. You are going to see how those cheeks are turning into red, in just a few moments. You are going to adore the way is Kiki going to behave after receiving this treatment.

She won’t be able to move for a few minutes but she likes it when that whip is touching her butt, she adores even that sound. It makes her have goose bumps all over her skin, and it also makes her be super wet. She is going to have a terrible trembling between her knees, that is going to disturb her the whole day if she won’t do anything about it. Stay tuned to see what other treatment is she going to get after this rough spanking. See you in a few hours, after you will get cool down. Until then, you can click here and watch some similar videos and picture galleries! Enjoy!


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English Spankers – Darcy

Sometimes, the spankers videos are the best way and the only thing that could cheer you up and make you all fired up instantly. You are going to see that today, in this specific update you will see how two naughty babes will get their butts spanked hard by one of their colleagues. These two didn’t want to help him with the project that they had to do so they were put down on their knees. He removed their uniforms and he started to spank them with the hair brush, thing that made their rounded ass cheeks be so pink.

They were both being down and the were both being spanked but in fact they like to be spanked so much that these babes started to make out down there. You are going to have a great time with these two babes who started to make out and who received such an amazing treatment. See you guys the next time with more impressive scenes and make sure you will watch this one here, from the beginning until the end, to discover what other things are these three going to do and how are these babes going to be spanked with! Also you can watch some similar material inside the http://hardtied.us blog! Check it out and have fun inside!


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Mean Gal Charlie

This is the perfect time for an extra video update, just for you guys. Since you are such great fans and followers, we decided to offer you this superb babe, Charlie who is going to be roughly spanked by her fuck buddy who adores to treat her just like that, each and every single day. You are going to love the way she is bending over, offering to her guy a full access to have her butt cheeks just to have fun with them.

He took some twigs and he started to spank her hard with them, making her have those perfectly rounded butt cheeks turn from pink to red in just a few minutes. She likes being spanked so much that she will need more and more, she will beg him to give her more and more, until she will get so wet that you will see her cum. Have a seat, relax and enjoy the next moments with Charlie and how is she going to be taken care of by her fuck buddy. She is going to offer you some pretty nasty scenes so make sure that you are ready to see them all, right now! For similar fetish videos check out layerednylons.org website and have a great time inside!


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English Spankers – Belle

english-spankers-belleBelle is coming for the first time at the spankers corner but even though she is a newbie in this area, she is going to like it so much to be spanked that she is going to come here very often to receive this amazing treatment. She is going to take of her clothes and she is going to bend herself over, offering to this guy a full access to her tight and rounded ass cheeks and she waited to receive this amazing spanking.

She had to stay with hands on head while more swats were frequently applied to her bare butt before kneeling and offering her butt cheeks for a very heavy and steady paddling. You should grab a chair or something and you should start enjoying the next scenes with these two that are going to have a blast together. You will see that she likes it so much that she is going to get super wet. When she is going to check it with her hands she will notice that she will have her muffin all wet. Delight with the next scenes with Belle and see how she is going to moan with pleasure, while she is receiving this treatment. For similar videos, you can visit the http://emoporn.us/ blog and watch some emo chicks getting their asses spanked!

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